New Beginnings!

My name is Stephanie!

So I am recently graduated from college, recently married, and needing a new start in life to go with my new beginnings. I’ve decided that part of that is to lead a healthier lifestyle. Now I am by no means a supermodel, but I am not the skinniest gal on the block either. I am short, thankfully somewhat muscular due to being a tomboy all my life, which keeps me from looking my full 170 lbs., but I just want to feel healthy inside and out. 

I used to be more active at school, then I graduated, started working to jobs and life became more difficult. Also making staying active more difficult. Fast food has become an easy meal, and so has less than healthy snacks. However, I have maintained my weight loss from over the past two years. I started two summers ago at 220 lbs. and am now down to my 170 lbs. Yay Me! 😀 

I have always been confident in myself and my size. Now its time to become healthy confident! So follow along as I tried to become healthy confident and lead a healthier lifestyle and try to give my family a healthier one as well!



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