First Step to Healthy

My husband and I recently went grocery shopping. Now he knows my goals of wanting to be healthy and supports me and has decided to join me. Even though he really doesn’t need to since he 6’3 and slim. We ended up getting protein bars, fresh fruit, V-Fusion juice, among other healthier choices in food. We didn’t even buy pop for once. It may seem like a little gesture, but only keeping healthier snacks and food in the house make you eat way healthier. And it’s still delicious! Next step, to buy cups that have infusers in it for fruit. These things are awesome, you can flavor your water with fresh fruit instead of already flavored water (which I can’t stand).  I found nice, colorful ones at Five Below.  Baby steps make a big difference. Anyone trying to eat healthier, comment with tips and questions about what you are doing or want to do!




One thought on “First Step to Healthy

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