The C- Word: Cheating

Now I am not talking about cheating on a spouse, or a mid-term, but cheating on your health goals. Recently, as things as been building up here at home with all the different things going on. Things such as working two jobs, planning to move to Lapeer, MI as soon as possible, get jobs in said Lapeer, health issues with my husband (Josh), and just the daily stress of trying to make it in this world.

We went to Rally’s yesterday, snacked on  chips for breakfast this morning coming home from third shift, and drinking pop again. Ugggggggggh! Not what I wanted to do so early into getting healthy. Kicker is, though, is that I did want to. Rally’s Ranch Garlic Swiss burgers are back and still delicious. However, I realized that if snacks are kept in the main room of where you spend your time at home, you aren’t going to get anywhere without self-discipline.

My husband and I live with my mom and sister until we move. Now, things that are our snacks and we don’t want to share or know no one else likes, but us then it comes into the bedroom where we spend most of our time. So when I come home hungry from being up all night long at work, I grab a snack. Thus, I ate salt and pepper chips. Now mind you I got natural chips that are more health than your average Lay’s, but still had enough that that didn’t matter. I also ate them right before going to bed.

Talk about guilty pleasure! I know I cheated on my health goals, but when things like this happen, don’t beat yourself up into a tizzy. It won’t do anything, but make you want to eat more junk food.  Accept it and move on. For example, my next food is going to be to have a chicken salad sandwich. The chicken salad being made this morning (3pm for me). It’s a better alternative, plus the hubby loves it! Check out my chicken salad quick mix on the recipes page for my chicken salad!




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