2013 Great Release Program! Get Ready to Create an Awesome New You!

Silver RavenWolf

Get ready for this year’s Magickal Release Program — 30 days of helpful tips, guidelines, and creative ways to get rid of the junk, clutter, negativity and unhappiness in your life!  Each day we will work on a new challenge, dancing our way to a delightful new you!  Don’t miss this once-a-year holiday treat that begins on 1 December and ends on the 31st.   Best of all?  Its FREE!  You can do it!

What You Will Need to Work Through the Program:

An Open Mind
Cleaning Supplies
A Goal — something you wish to work on this year — it can be anything you desire
White Tea Candles (if you like working with candles).  We’ll use them on various occasions.
A place to donate things you no longer need
A ritual cup (something you can put water in)

The Basic Ritual

The Great Release Program is based on…

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Day One December First 2013 – Sunday – Prepare the Way

Love this!!!

Silver RavenWolf

Day One of the Magickal Release Challenge!
by Silver RavenWolf
copyright 2013

Sun in Sagittarius (Fire)
Fourth Quarter Moon – Banishing/Rest

Moon in Scorpio — Intense Power ruled by Pluto the planet of powerful change — Water
Sunday — Ruled by the Sun
Sunday’s Angel:  Michael*

* Where some of you will choose to work with Gods and Goddesses or perhaps just “Spirit”, others may like communing with the angels during the program.  Angels pre-date Christianity, and many of the more well-known angelic histories are actually related to real people (see my bookAngels, Companions in Magickfor more info).   There are several different hierarchies to choose from when dealing with the angelic realms.  The basic list I’ll be using here can be found in Three Books of Occult Philosophy by Henry Cornelius Agrippa edited and Annotated by Donald Tyson and published by Llewellyn World Wide.  “The list is…

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Long Time, No See

Well as with all things, it’s been a while. We recently moved and have our own place…finally! Now to get back to eating healthier and not grabbing that quick bite to eat of fast food or gas station goodies.

Now I hope that since we are on our own we will eat better! Just getting back to my healthy confidence!

I will keep posting more and try to update more!


The C- Word: Cheating

Now I am not talking about cheating on a spouse, or a mid-term, but cheating on your health goals. Recently, as things as been building up here at home with all the different things going on. Things such as working two jobs, planning to move to Lapeer, MI as soon as possible, get jobs in said Lapeer, health issues with my husband (Josh), and just the daily stress of trying to make it in this world.

We went to Rally’s yesterday, snacked on  chips for breakfast this morning coming home from third shift, and drinking pop again. Ugggggggggh! Not what I wanted to do so early into getting healthy. Kicker is, though, is that I did want to. Rally’s Ranch Garlic Swiss burgers are back and still delicious. However, I realized that if snacks are kept in the main room of where you spend your time at home, you aren’t going to get anywhere without self-discipline.

My husband and I live with my mom and sister until we move. Now, things that are our snacks and we don’t want to share or know no one else likes, but us then it comes into the bedroom where we spend most of our time. So when I come home hungry from being up all night long at work, I grab a snack. Thus, I ate salt and pepper chips. Now mind you I got natural chips that are more health than your average Lay’s, but still had enough that that didn’t matter. I also ate them right before going to bed.

Talk about guilty pleasure! I know I cheated on my health goals, but when things like this happen, don’t beat yourself up into a tizzy. It won’t do anything, but make you want to eat more junk food.  Accept it and move on. For example, my next food is going to be to have a chicken salad sandwich. The chicken salad being made this morning (3pm for me). It’s a better alternative, plus the hubby loves it! Check out my chicken salad quick mix on the recipes page for my chicken salad!



First Step to Healthy

My husband and I recently went grocery shopping. Now he knows my goals of wanting to be healthy and supports me and has decided to join me. Even though he really doesn’t need to since he 6’3 and slim. We ended up getting protein bars, fresh fruit, V-Fusion juice, among other healthier choices in food. We didn’t even buy pop for once. It may seem like a little gesture, but only keeping healthier snacks and food in the house make you eat way healthier. And it’s still delicious! Next step, to buy cups that have infusers in it for fruit. These things are awesome, you can flavor your water with fresh fruit instead of already flavored water (which I can’t stand).  I found nice, colorful ones at Five Below.  Baby steps make a big difference. Anyone trying to eat healthier, comment with tips and questions about what you are doing or want to do!



New Beginnings!

My name is Stephanie!

So I am recently graduated from college, recently married, and needing a new start in life to go with my new beginnings. I’ve decided that part of that is to lead a healthier lifestyle. Now I am by no means a supermodel, but I am not the skinniest gal on the block either. I am short, thankfully somewhat muscular due to being a tomboy all my life, which keeps me from looking my full 170 lbs., but I just want to feel healthy inside and out. 

I used to be more active at school, then I graduated, started working to jobs and life became more difficult. Also making staying active more difficult. Fast food has become an easy meal, and so has less than healthy snacks. However, I have maintained my weight loss from over the past two years. I started two summers ago at 220 lbs. and am now down to my 170 lbs. Yay Me! 😀 

I have always been confident in myself and my size. Now its time to become healthy confident! So follow along as I tried to become healthy confident and lead a healthier lifestyle and try to give my family a healthier one as well!